The task was challenging. Come up with an article on the topic ‘I Am Generation Equality’ in just about 3 days to win a grand prize worth Rs. 15,000. When we announced this competition, there was much skepticism, even among ourselves, about the quality (and quantity) of the articles we might receive given how discouragingly short the deadline was. And yet, our writers found themselves equal to the task. What followed was a slew of amazing articles by people from both within and outside Pulchowk Campus.

When the competition ended on Jan 25, we were, however, confronted by a harsh reality. We realized that of all the submissions we received for the competition, only 5(20%) were from men. As we continue to declare ourselves to be more just and equal than the previous generation, disparities like this still exist even among people of this very generation. This only highlights how important it is for us, as a generation, to continue talking about gender equality and seeking new ways in which gender equality can be achieved in the truest sense. We are, therefore, proud that we were able to organize this competition, in collaboration with the United Nations Women-Nepal.

On the bright side though, the sheer quality of the articles we received for this competition was breathtaking. We are extremely humbled by the amount of love you, our writers, have shown us. And we hope that you excuse us for the delay in announcing the winner. Were it up to us, there would have been multiple winners but the format warrants that there be just ONE. So, without further ado, here is the article that has won the Online Article Writing Competition: I Am Generation Equality–  

Significant Turns by Yaman Thapa

Here is what the United Nations Women-Nepal had to say about the article:

This article presents an inter-generational dialogue and it is a powerful way of sharing [of] questions or facts to the audience. This article really stands out in terms of [the] substance and goes perfectly with the theme of this year ‘Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future’.

About the Author

Yaman is pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry at Caldwell University. She does origami and spoken word poetry. She reckons that writings are essential for preserving information and stories. She loves Philosophy and Physics. She values intellectual investments over trivial pleasures.

This article shall be posted on the online outlets of United Nations Women-Nepal.

However, as we’ve already mentioned, there were just too many good articles that deserve at least some recognition. So, here are some honorable mentions:

  1. Of Equal Value by Sampada Sharma
  2. Oh, how she wishes! by Smritee Neupane
  3. I Believe by Aayushma Wagle
  4. …so, I split the bill! by Durga Innani

With that, we announce that the competition has officially ended. You can read these articles along with many others in this year’s issue of the Zerone Magazine. Contact us via email or on our social media pages ({facebook, twitter, instagram}/@thezeronemag) to buy your copy of the Zerone.

Till next time!

-The Zerone Team 2020