A Zerone Online Writing Series

There are those among us who want to write but are just not motivated enough. There are those who want to write but wish that they wrote better. There are those who want to improve a specific piece they are working on and want some honest feedback without being derided or dismissed. There are those among us who have lost the zeal to write unless there is a gun pointed at their heads. So, over the past several weeks, the Zerone team has been organizing online writing sessions where we gather to pen a few words, or just discuss what each of us has written over the past week. We have also come to the realization that there may be others who might be interested to join us or for whom these sessions could prove useful.

You don't have to be an amazing writer to join us in these sessions. In the spirit of honesty, you may be given prompts to write on, and there may be time or space constraints to adhere to. But it is all about the learning process. Oftentimes, the hardest word to write is your first word; we are simply helping you take that leap of faith. Like a first draft, what comes out of these sessions is unlikely to be the greatest piece of art. But we do hope that it provides you with an anchor to steady your mind as it dances through a million things without having written a single word. It is also to be noted that the focus shall not be on spelling, grammar or the use of the biggest words in the dictionary. Instead, we shall be focusing on how you present ideas, the richness of characters you create, and how you weave a narrative.

For those among you who are avid readers but not necessarily regular writers, we understand that writing can be difficult especially when what you write never lives up to what you've read. You must, however, realize that we never get to see the first draft of our favorite novels. And there is always that first draft — one that is messy, grammatically inaccurate or just plain wrong. This session is your opportunity to finally pick up your pen and write that thing you've always wanted to write. Let us be your starting point.

Now, we must caution you that this is not a Writing Workshop. We identify more as learners than as the learned. We cannot boast of having written any best-seller or any seller for that matter. As such, we cannot promise that the suggestions we provide will prove useful to you.  It is, however, our belief that writing does not have to be a solitary affair. A writer does not have to be synonymized with the picture of a person slouching over his/her desk haunted by the words that seldom spill from his/her pen. Maybe your next big breakthrough will come from the synergy of people writing and discussing writing.

So, if you want to join us for two very productive hours of writing and talking about writing, then fill up this form (*), and we'll see you there!

The deadline for registration is Monday, September 21, 2020 | 23:59:59 NPT.

For any queries regarding the form or the series itself, please reach out to us via our social media pages (facebook, twitter or instagram) or email us at info@zeronemag.com.

(*) The form has been closed for the time being. The sessions, however, are ongoing. If you have registered but haven't receive any response from our side, it is probably because we couldn't fit you in for this session. Rest assured, we will try our best to fit you in future sessions once we figure out all the logistics involved in including more than 15 people at a time. For those of you who missed out on the registration, we will put up a new form in a week or two. Stay tuned.