11 days and more than 25 different submissions later, the Medium Online Article Writing Competition 2020 has ended. We have been humbled by the enthusiasm shown by our readers within as well as outside Pulchowk Campus who have graced us with such absolute gems that deciding one winner has been a particularly difficult task. And yet, the rules of the competition dictate that we choose one winner for each category.

And so, we have gone through each article with a fine-tooth comb, weighed each article by their merits and finally, come up with the articles that have truly shone brighter than the rest. We do realize that judging works of art is more subjective than not. But we have endeavored to make our judgement as unbiased and objective as possible. In so doing, we have chosen the following criteria of judgment:

  • Content-quality and relevance (40%)
  • Writing-quality and grammar (40%)
  • Number of Unique Claps received on Medium (20%)

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Medium Online Article Writing Competition 2020:

  • Closer to Cozy by Nischal Sigdel [Utopian Future]

    In this utopian imagining of the future, Sigdel imagines a world where civilization has made so much progress that food can be printed, Mars is a new destination and well, life's a LOT easier. But then, some things stay the same.

  • Pull to Refresh by Aayushma Wagle [(Un-)social Media]

    In this article, Wagle recounts a typical day in the life of a social-media addict. It's grounded in reality and if you do not see at least a part of yourself in this article while you read it, please tell us if you offer any counseling services.

  • My Mom is Bringing Home a Lot of Plants Lately by Rinzin Lama [Slice of Life]

    We admit this article is a topsy-turvy ride but deeper meanings and a sensitive character portrait lurk beneath its words. It plays with your emotional strings in a way that is both strong and nuanced.

But we would be remiss if we leave out some other articles which could not make the final cut but are deserving of the highest accolades. So, here are some honorable mentions:

Winners of the Medium Online Article Writing Competition 2020

All the winners will receive prizes worth Rs. 5,000 in the LOCUS Ceremony 2020. The participants who submitted their articles will receive a copy of the print issue of our magazine during the LOCUS Exhibition 2020, from our stall. The articles we deem fit for publication shall also be included in the print issue.

Now, as we close the chapter on this year's online article writing competition, we wish that you keep showering us with the love and faith that you have shown to us this year and we shall work even harder to go above and beyond your expectations.

See you next year!

-The Zerone Team 2020