By: Ashlesh Pandey

Day < 15 of the so-called Quarantine

You think that the quarantine is gonna be full of excitement, nothing to do, no locks on your life except the actual lock-down.

*Rings the squad chat*

“Guys, nothing to do. Let’s get down with the games now.”

You start playing right after brunch, not concerned with the clock at all until you’re disturbed by the 6-hour warning from the game, but don’t give much attention to it, and close the window after a long day of cooking some chicken. As soon as you end the game, you head over to your torrent client, seed some remaining bunches and open up a "fun" series, which according to your download list isn’t all that fun. Mom yells from the kitchen, and finally, you get up from the throne of boredom, have a bite of the new-dish-per-day policy and just go to your room to un-pause your life.

This was my circle of life for 15 days, not all that fun, but not bored either!

15<Day<45 of the new and upgraded healthy lifestyle

Well, things change after some time. You don’t care about the number of kills you have, or the number of episodes left till you pile up yet another series to your conquered list.

You set a few alarms, but get up before they disturb you. Do your daily healthy chores like an athlete preparing for the Olympics’ which obviously is postponed like everything else around the world. You go to the terrace, full of energy and put in a couple of hours of work.

Nothing to do, eh? Let me try my hand at a project. You start off by searching for a course, Nah. Not what I want. Ohh, looks nice.

*Presses enroll now*

And there you have it: you’re officially enrolled now. You start the course right away, a few lines of code here, a few from the stackoverflow forum, a few from the tutors' GitHub repo, and a few lines of comments just because you have time. Now you start staying awake at night, looking for the best lines of code that fit your need, you scroll a few and decide it's time to call it a day.

What you don’t realize is the days are changing, and YOU DISRUPTED THE HEALTHY CYCLE.

“Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified?” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

Day > 45 of the Bored till Depression Hits cycle

This is when you realize that politics in your country actually affects you. Not concerned about the classic series dump you have on your hard disk, you start searching for answers to rather naïve questions. You’re more interested in the news report at 8 rather than 8 kills at Bootcamp. You look at depressing news, that once meant nothing to you and now, all of these incidents start making sense, you seek for answers to political questions, and well, to be honest, don’t like them. A few campaigns trend, some random governmental policy gets on your nerve, you start regretting the few votes you’ve dropped and start questioning your judgment. You click on links that you used to just scroll over. Now it's starting to hit you; day by day, you start sinking deeper and deeper. News of floods, COVID cases, and governmental tantrums flash before your eyes.

These days you don’t want to play a game, not because you’re not bored anymore, but because you are concerned about the greater deaths the government is causing. The sleepless nights and heavy-hearted days staring at news flashes have got into your head. It’s too late before you realize that now you’re not just bored but fed up with everything that’s going on.

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