-Ashutosh Timilsina

There are two types of people in the world:
1. The ones who have jobs.
2. And those who don’t.
While many of my friends are busy updating their “Started working at…” status on Facebook, I’m busy doing practically nothing. I have almost graduated but still have no job.

But you know, being unemployed has its own perks. Some of which are:

Unlike my friends, I can sleep until 8 and scroll through my phone while tucked in my bed inside a warm quilt in this cold winter morning. Well, then there’s siesta. No working man will be blessed with this.

Another good thing is I can binge on my favorite TV series and movies. Right now I’ve mastered the art of finishing a whole series in a single day.

But the problem starts when you run out of shows and movies to watch. What then? The Judgment day is soon to come! Save me Lord!

The Unemployment Beard
As I don’t have to go to work, I don’t have to care for my growing beard. This song from Frozen is my favorite:

As uncle Ben once said: With longer unemployed days, comes longer beard. And if anyone asks about the beard, answer with a smirk “It’s No-Shave November!”.

But then, everyone starts asking you questions that you really aren’t ready to answer just yet. “What are you doing these days?” “What’s your plan now?” “What are you going to do? Job or Study?” Man, I hate these questions. Even then I reply with the same “Nothing much” and “I don’t know” to everyone in the most polite way possible.

Well, to be honest, I’m not that free either. I’m reading about EM drives and Leidenfrost Maze. I’m editing papers for a journal. I’m working to publish another journal. I’m trying to write a research article on Photovoltaics. I’m searching the right course for me on Coursera. I’m searching for universities for higher education. I’m looking for a job. I’m busy revising my resume.

Being unemployed, I have time to think about myself and my future. After four years of college life, I get to sit down and think things through. What do I want do? What do I want really in life? What will be good for me? And so on.
I’ve got more free time to write, more time to study about things I want to. Even though it’s easy to get distracted or engaged in little errands, I try to express myself in more creative ways.

So truth be told, I’m not doing nothing. I’ve got all these jobs for which I don’t get paid; but I’m learning something new every time. Being unemployed has not bothered me much for I haven’t stopped learning. I am happy for myself for being productive with my free time and utilizing it to the fullest.

I know that I won’t get this free time later. So this transition from graduating to becoming unemployed is definitely going to be a significant experience and I will be looking back at this time of my life with gratitude. This will be a lesson for self-improvement, a time to find myself, a time to find my true interests which will surely make me happier in the future.

And now, hopefully:

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First Published on Nov 22, 2016.