The Zerone is IOE Pulchowk's student magazine, maintained by the students of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering faculties. We are closely linked with LOCUS, which is the body overlooking more technical, entrepreneurial and social initiatives.

The Zerone has been in print since 2002, through 10 different editions. Our members and alumni can be encountered blogging frequently at our Medium page.

About This Website:

As of 2020, we are hosting our own website on Ghost. The goal of this website is to make articles published on our Medium Page more accessible to our readers. Needless to say, the writers hold the full rights to these articles; we are merely here to provide a medium through which their words can reach the maximum number of audience and deservedly so. Naturally, the Zerone Team is  not accountable for the opinions expressed within these articles.

The articles herein are sorted by their respective themes. The theme of each article has been chosen by our Team to the best of their capabilities. It was our intention to classify the articles under broad themes for a more fluid presentation of the ideas.  The articles can be browsed according to themes by clicking on the 'theme-link' corresponding to each article. Articles related to Technology appear atop our Homepage. The links to articles related to the current article you're reading appear at the bottom of each individual post.

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Our website is in its infancy and being that as it may, we are well aware that there is sufficient room for improvements. We welcome constructive criticisms and suggestions from all our readers and the random visitors of our website.

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If you want your article to be published on our website, you can send it to us via email at or Do note however, that any article sent to us shall be first edited by our Team before publication and we are under no obligation to publish the said article once it has been sent to us.

-The Zerone Team